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Extended 3hr battery

3hours of battery life
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Extended 7hr Battery for DVR506, DVR509 & DVR540W - A1039

Need more battery life for your DVR506, DVR509 or DVR540W? Purchase the A1039 for 7 hours of battery life. You can also purchase an external charger A1042 to keep one charged and ready at all times.

Battery Life: 7hrs
Dimensions: 3.25” L x 2.125” W x 0.625” H
Weight: 0lb 2oz
Extended 7 hours of Battery life.
Included with this item
Extended Life Battery - 7 hour
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Charging Dock for A1038 & A1039 Batteries

Charge 2 Batteries at one time using the LawMate Dual Battery Charger system.

LED lights to indicate batery secured and charging
Battery status
Remaining power status
Dimensions: 4.438” L x 3.375” W x 0.125” H
Weight: 0lb 3oz
Have your Batteries Charged and Ready.
Charge two batteries at one time.
Works with all LawMate Batteries A1038 and A1039.
Never worry about batteries again.
LawMate part# BCM-DU01.
Included with this item
AC charger
Euro Adapter
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Covert Surveillance Glasses – DVR295

LawMate is bringing Covert Surveillance Glasses back to the market. Move seamlessly from outdoors to indoors with the stylish DVR295 Clear Glass Solution. LawMate packed these hidden specs with a practically invisible camera lens set in a modern black frames and clear eyeglass. No other video glasses perform better with the ability to record high definition 720p video footage. The built-in rechargeable battery allows for about 70 minutes of continuous recording in between charges. Equip operatives with the best hidden camera glasses on the market.

Camera: 1/4” Progressive CMOS Sensor
16GB Micro Memory Card with Adaptor | compatible up to 32GB
Charge Time: 1.5 hours
Battery Life: 70 mins
Vibration Alert: On-Recording/Power Off/Low Battery
Time & Date Stamp
Continuous Recording
Angle of View: 67 Degrees
File Type: .AVI
3.3 LUX @ F 2.8
Video Resolution: 720p | Up to 30fps
Overwrites Oldest File when Memory Card is Full
Dimensions: 5” L x 9.5” W x 2.5” H
Weight: 0lb 8oz
Covert Surveillance is smoother than ever with these hidden camera glasses. Discreet and a trustworthy investigative tool, they provide concealed high definition video with the one touch recording.
Stand-alone DVR.
720p HD Color Video Footage.
Invisible Camera Lens on Frame.
One Button Design.
Vibration Alert: On-Recording/Power off/ Low Battery.
Time & Date Stamp.
Charging LED Indicators.
LawMate Product #PV-EG20CL.
Included with this item
Glasses Tweezers
16GB Micro Memory Card & Adapter USB Cord
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Keychain Hidden Camera – DVR203HD

LawMate has equipped the latest Keychain Hidden Camera with a sleek new body featuring the smallest 5M pin-hole camera made specifically for recording. The DVR203HD is a 4 in 1 device, record continuous 1080p HD Color video, 5M photos, webcam and flash drive. This real-time HD recording device will capture in field footage and go unnoticed on a keychain.

Camera: 1/3” Progressive CMOS Sensor
Video Resolution: 1080p | 720p | Up to 30fps
Photo Resolution: 5M
3.3 LUX @ F 2.0
File Type: .MOV & .JPEG
Angle of View: 66 Degrees
Continuous Recording
Time & Date Stamp
Vibration Alert: On/Off/Record/Photo/Low Battery
Battery Life: 75 mins
Charge Time: 3 hours
Includes: 16GB Micro Memory Card with Adaptor
Overwrites Oldest File when Memory Card is Full
Dimensions: 6” L x 4.75” W x 1.75” H
Weight: 0lb 6oz
The LawMate Keychain Hidden Camera is universally designed to blend into any environment and makes for a great investigative tool, it looks just like a car key fob. For on-the-go footage, the keychain hidden camera and DVR is powered by a built-in rechargeable high polymers battery allowing for about 75 minutes of continuous covert recording.
Built-In DVR records continuous HD video at the press of a button.
Resolution Switch from 720p-1080p
Smallest Pin-Hole Camera for 5M Photos
On-board Controls-One Button Operation
Vibration Mode Switch: On/Off
Silent Operation: Vibration Alerts Notify when device is On/Off/Record/Photo/Low Battery
Other Uses: Webcam or Flash drive
Built-In Rechargeable Battery
Time & Date Stamp
Includes: 16GB Micro Memory Card with Adaptor
Overwrites Oldest File when Memory Card is Full
Connects with any computer, no driver needed
LawMate Product #: PV-RC200HD2(KR)
Included with this item
Keychain Hidden Camera Key Ring
16GB Micro Memory Card with Adapter USB for Charging
Quick Start Guide
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